A question about USB file import


Suppose I have a hosted device with USB file import enabled. It runs a custom package service which is configured with a local text file.


If this device happens to be off-line and I stick a USB drive with an altered configuration file will it overwrite the existing one?

If it is not how it works, can I find this new imported file from my package service? It is OK if it disappears after powerdown.

Broader context:

I’m trying to develop a more advanced version of the flapboard to use as a bulletin board during our local community meetings. It holds more than one message and is switching between them. The messages’ content and how long they are displayed are the configuration I wrote above.
The problem is that we don’t have public network where we meet and I’d like to have a way to change the messages on the spot.

No. The USB import is purely to get “raw data” imported into the device, prior to assigning that same data (be it images/videos/package files/etc) to a device. Instead of downloading that data, it will be available locally already thanks to the import.

The USB import cannot be used to replace files within a package without oversight by the backend. The info-beamer hosted backend is always the source of truth regarding which files will be active on a device (or more technical: Be placed in /space/root).

If sounds like you might have to create your own custom package service that either monitors USB (always risky, as you might not know the state of what’s mounted already and your service might be terminated without proper umount), or probably a lot easier: Open up a local HTTP server on the local network and accepts updates that way.

Thank you Florian.
All’s clear.