Automated Content for Reception Screen

Hi there,

I want to use the reception screen package in our office. The configuration page is probably easy enough to use for regular office staff as well. Anyway, it would be even greater, if there was a way to set content script based (maybe getting data from a shared calendar).

Has anyone already tried something like that? If not, any hints for a good starting point/documentation/etc.?


info-beamer hosted has a full featured API that allows you to build such integrations. In fact the API is used if you click on the Save button on the setup page. If you have a look at this request issued there and cross reference this with the node.json file of source code of the package itself, you might see how it works.

The general idea is always the same: Within the node.json file a configuration structure is defined for a package. Usually the dashboard of info-beamer hosted creates a configuration interface based on this structure. But you can also use the API to fill out the required values programmatically.

For a similar automated approach, have a look at earlier forum posts: HD player with large files or a blog post automating a different package. Happy to help if you need it.

Thank you for your answer. I will definitely look into that… and hopefully remember to report back about my results :slight_smile: