Chromium is very slow. Tips?

Hi. I’ve been trying to use the Chromium Fullscreen Browser package and cannot even get the default info-beamer webpage to load. I’ve had successes here and there over the last few months, but never a consistent package load and webpage display within minutes. It takes hours, IF it loads at all. Has anyone experienced this and found work arounds? I’ve tried persistent profile, and non-cert to no avail.

Which Pi model are you using?

Man, you’re fast with the response! I have been using the RPi Zero W. I actually just had success on loading the package to an RPi3B+. It’s working as-expected on this one.

Browsers are bloated monsters. The Zero has only 512MB RAM and info-beamer OS reserves half of that for the GPU (for image loading/video playback/etc…). So poor Chromium has only 256MB. That’ll never fly. I should probably restrict the browser from getting installed on the Zero for that reason.

Yeah, I’ve been trying to force any page to work on that device without success for a couple weeks now. Thanks for the detailed answer.

Sorry about that. The feature to give hints which platform a package is compatible with/can run on is newer than the last browser update, so the browser package doesn’t include that information. There will be a new release soon and it’s added now.

No worries. Keep up the good work!