Device 'last seen' time display

Hi Florian, would it be possible to change the formatting of the “Device is offline or unreachable. Last seen XXXX seconds ago” and change it to hours:mins:secs

I know this is only a minor issue, but I’d find it easier to see when the device was last seen if it was formatted in this way :slight_smile:

Updated. It’s now “Device is offline or unreachable. Last seen 6 days, 18 hours and 20 minutes ago.

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Brilliant, thanks Florian :slight_smile:

Thanks, no need to calculate anymore! Now that this has been raised I have one question about the timeline on the displayed graphics. Since our museum always closes around 18:00 and then cleaning staff shows up afterwards, the last time our Pis are active should be between 18:30 and 18:45. The attached graph is from yesterday, where last activity was around 18:45. Looking at the graphs I have the impression that it is off by 1-2 hours? Do I misinterpret the graphs?

Oops paperclip fell off…here is the graph

Hi Michael, do you use the Power Saver addon?

We add this to our setups to enable our devices to switch off/on at preset times, just make sure you select the correct time zone.

The graphs are using UTC at the moment. So +2 in Germany.

Unfortunately I can’t use the Power Saver addon. The process is driven by the operating staff who switch power on and off at individual times within a certain timeframe. I have no option to switch power of the Pis separately. Fortunately InfoBeamer handles this in a brilliant manner. We have a few stations running Windows 10, which was much harder to handle and they are not on-line, which would be almost impossible to handle with power on off in a random manner and Windows doing whatever Microsoft wants it to do.

Thanks for the answer, this explains all.

Out of curiosity: why is system load showing 15% with power switched off?

The graph just drawing a straight line between measurement points. Measurements are taken every 3 minutes. I would guess both the last and first measurement point around the powered off time sent that value. I should eventually fix that my not drawing anything if the distance between two measurement points if more than ~10 minutes or so.

Thanks for the straight answer. This is certainly not bugging me, but would be nice to be changed - some time…

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