Dual full-hd settings for portrait screens


I have some Pi4 devices with two Full HD portrait screens with one above the other so I wondered if you could add a new target resolution of 1080x3840 so the preview displays correctly?

The only setting that works for me at the moment (and displays correctly) is 1920x2160 with 90degree clockwise rotation as 3840x1080 doesn’t seem to work (with or without rotation set) as even though the preview is correct, it stretches the image across the screens?



I fairly certain that’s already possible:

  • Select Dual FullHD (3840x1080) as the target resolution.
  • Select either the 90° or 270° display rotation

The result is a vertically stacked 1080x3840 canvas. You can the add your content to it. If that doesn’t work for you, let me know and I can take a look.


Yes that was the first thing that I tried (with 90 degree) but although I had two 1080x1920 images stacked on top of each other on the playlist, that wasn’t how they appeared on the actual screens. I could only see the first image and that was stretched across both screens!

This is on the testing version.

It isn’t a major problem as everything works on 1920x2160 with 90degree rotation but I just have to remember how to lay it out to display correctly!

Interestingly, I have another pair of screens that are 1920x1080 landscape that are side-by-side. If I select Dual 3840x1080 and try to place an image on both screens this too isn’t displayed correctly ( image is stretched between both screens) Again, If I choose Dual 1920x2160 that works correctly but the screens are shown one above the other not side by side.



I think that I have worked-out the problem, when I setup the device, I used the 1 over 2 layout as that was the closest to my ‘actual’ screens but of course my screens are portrait so actually the layout with 1 next to 2 is closer to reality (then rotated 90 degrees). It might be worth adding portrait layouts to the device screen?



Yeah. Setting the screen layout is a bit of a puzzle :slight_smile:

While that sounds useful, the rotation setting isn’t really part of the device properties. Rotating the output is up the the assigned setup. While there is a way to always rotate the HDMI output on the Pi (using display_hdmi_rotate or similar within config.txt), using this option slows down rendering quite a bit. As such info-beamer does all the rotation internally within the assigned setup instead.