How to dynamically add content to scroller tile


I’m sorry, but I’m struggling to find out how to use reception screen’s scroller tile to display dynamically generated content (e.g. by python script). My Lua experience is nearly zero. Can you give a little example how to achieve this? My guess is to use util.data_mapper, but I’m confused by the add_listener callback function in tile.lua. How can I use this?


Wasn’t possible before, but I’ve added two ways to do that now:

  • You can the following UDP data to to set a dynamic text:

    scroller/set:This is my example text

    The set text will be shown alongside other scrolling text until it is set to a new value.

  • You can create the file scrolller/scroller.json with an JSON array of texts like this:

    ["My first text", "Another text"]

    You should be able to write into that directory from another package service. Even changing the file a lot will not result in a noticeable increase in SD card write operations due to how info-beamer handles file system persistency.

Additionally I’ve added support for the native asset selector. Let me know if that helps.

Thanks for the modifications. I will use the first option.

A little note:
Would be nice to add more comments to your demo projects’ source code.