Initial boot loop

Many times when initially loading a freshly formatted micro SD card onto a Raspberry Pi with a custom download - solely for WiFi connectivity - there’s a booting loop that happens as soon as the branding animation, “info-beamer,” begins to play. After trial and error, I usually figure out a change that enables successful boot, but I still don’t know the cause of this. Any advice to prevent the boot loop with a custom OS download for a Pi3b+? (Tried 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz network. Tried with and without auto-add to account.)

That sounds like it might be an hardware issue. Which kind of power adapter do you use? Do you have another power adapter you can try?

Yes, that was it. So simple… Thanks!

Good to hear. For the record: How was the power supply rated? The minimum should be 2.5A.

Working power supply is 2.5A.
The first power supply was only 550mA.