Playlist Asset Name Is Now A Link:(

I cycle through images such as promo1, promo2, promo3, etc. on a weekly basis by going to setups -> location name and then simply changing the the last character of the asset name from 1 to 2, 2 to 3, etc. It was quick and convenient. Now the textbox name where I could change the asset name is a link - can this be changed back. If I needed the link, I could just click on the slide icon. Now I have two things to click on that do the same thing. Any advice?

Hm. The button that opens the graphical asset selector will stay, but there might be a way to restore your workflow. I’ll look into that.

Thanks for the quick reply. Just to be clear on the request, I’ve included a screenshot:

Until recently, the textbox could be modified directly (and quickly) changing the 22 to 23 would pull the next asset. Now the textbox s a link that appears to have the same functionality as the “Add item” button at the bottom of the page.

Is it possible to restore the old functionality of the textbox so an asset name can be entered directly opposed to scrolling through all the available assets?

To be honest, the old interface was pretty bad. It was difficult to properly select an asset as you had to mostly type their names and then select the assets from the small auto completed list. The was no discovery, no support for folders and so on. The new one is much better with a large thumbnail previews, a similar search and even the ability to upload new assets in-place.

But just switching a character in a filename is no longer possible. I’m currently experimenting with a new feature that should make it almost as easy as before, all while retaining all the benefits of the new UI:

  • You will soon be able to Ctrl-Click the asset button. What this does compared to a normal click without holding Ctrl is that it prefills the search with the asset’s filename. As a result, you most likely end up with the interface only showing the currently selected asset. Clicking this button…

    … while holding the Ctrl key will result in this dialog with the search field in focus.


  • What you can now do is use the search field and for example switch out the 1 in the filename with a 2:


  • The final feature change is that you can hit the Enter key within the search field. If only a single assets matches your search, it is automatically selected and assigned. So after hitting Enter, you’re back in the setup editor with the new assets assigned:


This change essentially allows you to quickly change the asset by name only, like you did before, while still using the new asset selector. Additionally the feature is pretty handy for all kinds of asset selection purposes: Type the name of an asset and hit enter once only a single one matches to select it.

That should help, correct?

This change is now live. Feedback welcome.