Preview of a next gen content player package

Next Gen Image/Video player

Here is a preview release of a playback package for image and video content that has been in development for a bit. It relies on new features available on info-beamer hosted. You can try it out right now by clicking the button and importing it into your account:


Be sure to click on the “Documentation” tab after importing the package into your account to learn more on how everything works. Note that the package is still under heavy development and features might change or not work fully reliable yet. If you use this package, please provide feedback, either here or through email.


  • Synchronized playback across multiple devices. Unlike other packages, this one does not rely on local system time but instead uses communication across multiple devices to achieve synchronization. This means that it will also work for devices that no not have reliable outside network connection and can work on devices that are completely offline (prerequisite is an offline license).

  • Individual device configuration (using device_data) for properties like display rotation and content placement. This means that you can assign the same setup to multiple devices and (for example) rotate the output on only one of those devices. Similarly you can place the same output differently on multiple displays to create a video wall.

  • Scheduling for individual content. The scheduling uses the same mechanism introduced by setup scheduling. This means you can have individual items scheduled on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and specify repeat patterns and more. You can also configure the package to turn off your displays if nothing is scheduled.

  • Alternative content within the same setup group: This allows you (for example) to build a 4x1 row of displays and have playback slots with individual content mixed with slots that show the same content across all displays.

  • Remote control: You can interrupt content across all devices running the same setup and enqueue selected playlist slots manually.

Planned features:

  • It should be possible to play back synchronized content other than images and videos. An example might be a synchronized crawling text row for example.