Remote disable device

Is there a way to remotely disable a device, so it can not be billed for
we have a few screens powered up in locations no longer staffed and unable to go back into power off.
if would be great if you could have an option to disable a device, don’t mind if it stops the current setup and replaces it with a message as long as it is not static image so no screen burn.

It’s not possible with the UI directly, but you can use the terminal for that:

  • Activate “Show remote terminal on device page” on
  • To to the device page, scroll down to “Remote terminal”, click on the small ▾ and select “Connect as root”.
  • Click on “Confirm and connect”.
  • Wait until you get a prompt: Something like
     info-beamer-12345678 /space/root # _
  • Type “halt” and press enter.

The device will shut down and will not reboot. It will require a manual power cycle to restart in the future. So be sure you halt the correct device.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s now a temporary feature that makes this easier. See COVID-19 information.

Do you know why
halt: Operation not permitted
i have a script changing the packages so need to shut them down as can not stop the script


My guess would be that you didn’t use the Connect as root option while connecting to the device. Just clicking the Connect button won’t work as you end up in a limited terminal. You need to connect as root. See the second step in Remote disable device.