1920x1920 possible?

I would like to use standalone info-beamer to run a simple video loop on square display with resolution of 1920x1920. I’ve read on other forums about some difficulties with attempting this with a custom HDMI mode. Is it possible to do this with info-beamer?

I’d prefer to use RPi 2 since I have one available, but I will attempt to source RPi4 if that makes a difference.

The video configuration really isn’t any different than on any other OS. For such a custom resolution you probably have to use a custom mode. You might try placing:

hdmi_cvt=1920 1920 60

into the file /config/userconfig.txt. I’m not sure if the Pi can handle this resolution though. At least for video decoding, I’m pretty sure that’s above the capabilities of the H264 decoder. So you might try reducing the resolution to 1280x1280 instead.

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Thanks for the response. So I’m going about this the right way (except i’m editing /boot/config.txt), but I’ve not had success with a resolution greater than 1080x1080.

I’ve been unable to confirm or deny whether 1920x1920 is possible based upon H264 or RPi capabilities. This is a common resolution for square video wall panels, but it appears as if I won’t be able to use full resolution with Rpi and info-beamer.

The H264 decoder is spec‘d as being capable of playing FullHD. 1920x1920 is 77% above that.