2 screens 2 videos and 1 Raspberry Pi 4 Model B


I went through the Community forum to see if there is a way to achieve this but I could not find a suitable answer.

I have one Raspberry PI 4 Model B connected to two Monitors using the HDMI cables. I can split each 1 video across the two screens using the setting Set fixed video mode / dual screen configuration

But this just splits the 1 video in half across two screens then plays the second video across 2 screens, which is not what I want.

I want to use 1 Raspberry Pi 4 Model B plugged into 2 screens to play 2 different videos. The videos do not have to sync, they have their own individual length. Is this achievable? I wasn’t sure if there is a separate package I should be using.

Thank you for your help.

You can give GitHub - info-beamer/package-dual-player: Simple side-by-side image/video player demo a try. Although it’s a bit experimental and if you want two FullHD videos side-by-side it might not work.