403 Forbidden on Fullscreen Browser

Not sure how to go about troubleshooting this. Looking to use this as a solution for digital signage. Everything appears to be working as intended except it won’t load the company page. I get a 403 Forbidden. I’ve tried variations of the URL as well as tried one that would have forwarded to the company URL. It loads all other URL’s just fine.

edit - this is for the fullscreen browser package

That’s the response sent by your website. Probably some sort of “protection feature” that prevents access in some cases. From the outside, this decision is opaque, so I cannot help with that. You have to ask your hosting provider why a 403 is returned.

Figured as much. Since the site I’d like to load is for touch enabled displays, is there a way for me to allow that? I tried hooking up a keyboard and mouse and ran on a Pi touch LCD and it appears those are disabled. I can see why that would be ideal but I’d like to allow so they can interact with the 3d models.

Touch (or any kind of input like keyboard/mouse) isn’t supported by the browser. It’s currently not meant to be used as an interactive kiosk.