404 error while telnet


I am just install open source version.
trying telnet and info-beamer shows me 404 for any input
Please, help me

What’s the name of the directory you start info-beamer for? If that’s (for example) /home/snowsoul/code/test, then you’ll have to send test (the directory name containing the node.lua) via telnet.

i just trying start multiscreen sample https://github.com/info-beamer/multiscreen

2 screens started whis
INFOBEAMER_ADDR= /usr/bin/info-beamer <my_path>/multiscreen

master, with screen.json and configured 2 screens with 1920x1080 resolution

python master.py screens.json playlist.txt <ip_1> <ip_2>

and master shows
<ip_1> “disconnected”
<ip_2> “disconnected”

It is something wrong with master.py script or configuration?

it is possible to connect from master to 1 or 2 screen.

I don’t think the open source version can run that package. The open source version isn’t fully compatible and lacks a few features that have been added since basically all development continued on the Pi version. It’s more or less only still available to get a peek into how things work on the conceptual level.

Regardless of that, you should probably see some kind of error message when you start info-beamer in that case.