Adding device to account automatically - Customized.txt

I would love to copy my customized install to multiple sd cards so as I add new pi’s, they can automatically be added to my account. I of course do not want to redownload info beamer every time.I notice there are two files created in config when I customize my download - ‘customized.txt’ and ‘device-connect-key’. Device connect key stays the same between customized downloads but the ‘customized.txt’ file changes.

Am I able to copy the same ‘customized.txt’ file to all the pi’s or even omit it? My goal is to just copy the same configs between new sd cards so I can easily set up my pi’s and have them added to my account.


The customized.txt file is included just to mark the download/installation as one that used the customization feature. The content of that file or even the file itself isn’t really used at the moment. At one point it might be interesting to create a survey to see how often the customization is used.

You can freely copy that file between installations or remove it if you want.