Advanced time duration settings

Hello folks.
I suggest that the Durantion could be either more grained or custom, like input your own ( custom increments, AM/PM, etc. enabled by advanced time settings button)

The general duration option within info-beamer got an update already, but it’s not quite ready to be used for that option. But it should only take a few more days until the browser can use that. Once that’s been updated, you can either specify a free-form duration or use one of the suggestions. Stay tuned.

This is now rolled out. Update your browser package.

The duration field is now no longer a dropdown but a ‘duration’ type field with provided suggestions. This means that you can either select on of the suggested duration from a menu or just enter your own duration in seconds.


Thank you!
Made my day @infobeamer-fw with this detail, now I can set the setup as it was asked and have another thing ticked on my task list.