Advice on device and display

I am planning a prototype signage application and would be interested if anyone has any recommendations for a good raspberry Pi device with display. Something with an approx. 10" display would be nice.


Distec has displays with the Pi Compute Module built-in. They seem to have a 10" version as well. See (see also [1]). Note the 1280x800 resolution. I’m not aware of any hardware that directly combines a Pi with a 10" display. See also the hardware page as well as an older blog post mentioning their hardware.

Other than that, you could probably also just grab a cheap 10" HDMI display, especially if it’s just for prototyping.

[1] Similar to other hardware linked from, there’s no money involved when linking or recommending displays with the Pi built-in. They didn’t pay info-beamer for that and we receive no referral rewards. It’s just nice hardware that runs info-beamer. Thinking about it: This should probably stated on the hardware page as well.

Thanks for the information. At this time, would you recommend Raspberry Pi 3 or 4 if I was to purchase a new use with info-beamer. I’m planning to mostly use Lua scripting for a data display interface

Unless you explicitly need 4K or two HDMI outputs, the Pi3 is perfectly fine and has the same guaranteed availability as the Pi4. IMHO the Pi4 is still a bit much work-in-progress with regards to the software side.

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