Allow assets to be added via external link

Is it possible to have the option for video assets to be uploaded to the scheduled player remotely?

I need to be able to have the first-half highlights of a football match added to a scheduled playlist, the video clips are already being saved and displayed on a screen at half time, I just need a way for the operator in the control room to be able to add those clips to the scheduled player, without him having access to the info-beamer dashboard.

We’ve looked at using a stream, but we would then need an encoder to generate the stream that we can then display, and currently it doesn’t support audio anyway.

Currently, the only option we have is for the operator to send all of the video clips to us, so we can then upload them as assets to the scheduled player, and then add them to the playlist, which is a bit messy, and also takes a while.

Any suggestions

That’s a use case for the API. You can upload the asset and then update the setup to include this new asset in two API calls. Basically everything you can do in the dashboard can be automated. Although with the schedule player, it’s a bit complicated as its configuration is a bit complex. What kind of workflow do you imagine?

We want to have a scheduled player with a playlist setup that plays content, and then set the playlist items on a schedule that switches to another playlist at half-time.

The half-time playlist needs to display the video clips from the first half, and display other information in a border, similar to how Sky use a revered L shape border to display information.

As the video clips can only be generated during the first half, we need a quick and simple method of allowing the operator to add these video clips to the half-time playlist.

What’s the motivation for not using the dashboard in that case? I guess the operator can already change displayed content at will be just connecting they own hardware to the display. So allowing them to change content through the dashboard isn’t any additional risk.

If that’s not possible, you could build (but then have to maintain) a small single use page that receives a video and does the required configuration changes using the API. This could probably be done in PHP and hosted on some cheap shared hosters. But its obviously more work to get done.

Yes, it may be easier to just create a separate account so they have their own dashboard.

The reason for not allowing them access is because we have other devices and setups that we don’t want them to have access to.

Thanks for your reply.

info-beamer hosted has a sub account feature that can be activated on request. This allows you to add additional accounts a child accounts to your currect account. You’re responsible for billing. Other than that, they are completely full featured and as the master account you can enter any of the sub accounts.

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That sounds brilliant and could be the solution :slight_smile:

Ok. To make this simple, just create a new account, email me its address and I can add it to your existing account as a sub account.