Appointment Screen


I developed an appointment screen for a caravan dealer. Most important feature is a welcome message for customers who want to pick up their new caravan that day. All of this is based on Florians package “Reception Screen” ( It uses different pages which are shown one after another. For easier daily usage I also developed a windows application that communicates with the info-beamer API ( and is able to change the appointment data.


  • Page layouts: Delivery Text; Centered Text, Fullscreen, Text left, Text right
  • Every page has its own schedule
  • Turn on/off TV at working hours or if nothing is shown
  • Text scroller, that is shown on every page
  • Configurable background and header images
  • Configurable background music (as .mp4)
  • Text is formatted using some kind of markdown
  • Application to change “Delivery Text” pages

Most of these features were available in the “Reception Screen” package before. I had to change some of them to work properly in my package.

Screen at delivery hall:

Settings in backend:

Delivery Text page in backend:

Windows application for managing appointment data which is shown at “Delivery Text” pages:

Settings of windows application:

Feel free to ask some questions if you are interested in it. You can try this package by clicking on the “Run on info-beamer” button here:

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That’s pretty awesome. I especially like the custom Windows client software to work together with your custom package to make its feature easier accessible. Thanks for sharing!

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