Audience detector demo package


There’s a new demo package available now that shows how the Raspberry Pi camera module can be used to detect faces and trigger actions. The package works by sending the raw raspivid camera frames into a minimal detector using libfacedetection. The detector returns a list of detected faces with coordinates and a confidence value. Right now this package uses the detection to trigger a configurable UDP event.


Example usage

Combined with the Touch Player, this package can be used to interrupt a looping presentation when detecting at least one face. For that, import the Touch Player package as well as this package into your account. Create a new setup based on the Touch player and add the Audience detection package as a child:


Configure the Detector like this:

This will essentially simulate a touch event on the coordinate 10, 10 every time a face is detected. Within the Content Configuration you can now use Fullscreen touch event like this:

If you have a camera module attached to the Pi and install this package the Index page will stay on the screen. When detecting a face, the Touch player will switch over the the configured page.


That might not be a very realistic use case, but the detector could be used to automate other signage setups. Any idea welcome. If you need help with customization, please get in contact or have a look at the package source code.

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