Best video file configuration and frame rate (fps)

Hello there friends from info-beamer!

What is at your experience the best video file configuration and frame rate to use with info-beamer?

The other day I wanted to use info-beamer for a event, but the video hung it up, it was something I generated on my own in Premiere, and maybe the config was not the best, but since that I’m a little insecure with the file configuration.

Thank you a lot!

Sorry for the delayed response. I would recommend to use H264 videos with a maximum bitrate of around 20Mbit. Resolution is limited to 1920x1080 (so FullHD). Larger videos have to be downscaled (until the Pi4 is fully supported).

I would be very interested in the video that caused hanging playback, so I can check and report what the problem is. If you could share the video, I’d appreciate that. Feel free to write a mail to for that.