Best way to install package from dev-mode without internet connection


we are developing a large project for a touch screen. So far so good.
Bad news come in two forms

  1. we have a huge amount of files, around a thousand, with some videos (not heavy but 40/100MB each)
  2. the final project should run in an exhibition hall for a week, potentially without internet connection

now we are developing in dev-mode of course, but wen we are ready to ship, what is the best way to ship it?

We could put everything on a git repo and then create a package from the git, or any other ideas?
But then, once installed on devices, if there is no connection the Raspberry could complain (we have already seen such behaviour). We remember that if there is no physical network it could work, but we need to be sure and under what conditions.

Money is not an issue, that means the absence of connection is not a mean to cut on Info-beamer fees, we are more than willing to pay for the service even during the exhibition (if there is a way)

We just know that with 90% certitude we won’t have an internet connection there, and I won’t complain since it could even be a nightmare to configure if there are firewalls/paywall/login pages etc :).
And since the content will not change, it doesn’t matter content-wise. I also expect the package to be stable, so no external intervention will be needed.
What is the best solution for this scenario?

I guess as of today, using the raw info-beamer pi is the only way to achieve this. Of course that throws out everything that the info-beamer OS offers. So it’s not ideal.

In the future there will be a way to run a normal info-beamer hosted device offline after paying a one time fee for offline usage. But that’s not finished yet, unfortunately.

As of today, an info-beamer devices starts rebooting after 6 hours when offline and refuses to show content after being offline for 7 days or so.

Hi, that’s hat I was worried about.

So we burn a Raspbian Lite, make it with a RO file system and buy a license for info-beamer standalone, is it correct? Then we copy the directory on the device… I hope performance are comparable…
or we could try to bring our own 4G modem router and use info-beamer hosted… and use it inside the hall but I fear it a little bit… usually in exhibition halls connection is poor because of overcrowding.

Thanks a lot

Performances would be identical. After all it’s essentially (minus a few #ifdefs) the exact same software. Unless you run a ton of CPU intensive programs in the background, you don’t have to worry.

Ok. I won’t run anything else, hoping to strip everything from Raspbian. BTW if you have a bse distro to suggest, you are welcome.
Thanks, it confirms our experience but I trust you most.

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