Bug in Asset management

Hi Florian

I just experienced a bug in the folder handling in Assets.
I was trying to drag the mp4 file from the “Karaoke” folder to the “Portrait” folder (which contained the 4 images), and got this:

The last folder now contains the 4 images.

Uh. I see. Took a moment to understand what probably happened: If you grab the asset thumbnail image within your browser, and drag that into any text box like, for example, the “Search field” at the top of the asset page, you’ll see that the URL gets pasted there.

What happened in your case was: You dragged the thumbnail (or really its image URL) and dropped that into the textbox that contains the folder name “Portrait”. This basically instructs the UI to rename the folder from (example) “Folder1” to “Folder1http://info-beamer/some/other/path.jpg”.

Due to how folders work in the UI, every slash (/) creates a virtual folder for visualization purposes only. So the folder “Folder1http://info-beamer/some/other/path.jpg” is basically now a path like

Folder1http: -> [empty] -> info-beamer.com -> some -> other -> path.jpg

That’s some damn ugly folder name :-). Fortunately this should be easy to fix: First make sure you don’t have any asset selected. Reloading the page will make sure of that. Then open the folder tree all the way to the bottom, so you see the list of assets within that deep folder tree. Select all of the assets in there. If it’s a lot of assets, click the first, then Shift-click the last to select all. Then hover over the “Pohttps:” holder and a button “Move selected assets here” will appear. Click that. This will rename all assets and remove the accidental path infix within their filename. Finally rename “Pohttps:” to “Portrait”, which I guess was the original folder name.

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