Can the same asset browser for the Video Player setup be added to the Scheduled Player setup

Hi, the recent changes to the HD Player setup asset browser have made finding and adding assets much easier.

The scheduled player is still very hard to use when there are lots of assets available, can the improvements that were made to the asset browser be added to the scheduled player setup?

Also, would it be possible to add a delete/remove from all setups option in the assets manager.
There are times, such as after Christmas, we would want to remove a particular asset, such as a Christmas message, from all setups.
Even if there had to be a popup confirmation box confirming the action to prevent mass deletion of assets from setups.

That’s already there. If you enabled the new setup page and have a recent version of the scheduled player package, the new asset selector is used by your scheduled player based setups.

That’s unfortunately not possible and not something that can be added. The various packages use assets in very different ways. There is no general way of removing an asset from a given setup.

That’s odd, there wasn’t an update available badge next to the Scheduled Player package so I didn’t know it wasn’t the latest version.

I’ve updated now and yes the new asset chooser is now available :slight_smile:

And as for ‘bulk deletion’ yes, I can see how that could make it impossible to add.

The Check for update button is only shown when the version number of the package changes. This is done manually. Looks like this hasn’t been done for the modifications made for the new setup page, so no update button is shown.

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