Can't access assets, "No assets or no permission to view/modify assets."

For some reason, I cannot access my assets

I’ve checked the access permissions but since there is only one account I should have full access

Any help is appreciated

Can confirm. It’s a UI error only, so all your assets are there. Switching to the old asset page fixes this. I’m looking into what causes this and will get back to you.

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Found the problem. The reason is that directories are emulated in the system by separating filenames on slashes. So the filename foo/bar.mp4 ends up being displayed as bar.mp4 in the foo directory. The error that happens in your account is the result of a additional file named foo. This clashes with the directory and the code throws an error. I’ll look into fixing this tomorrow. Meanwhile I’ve renamed one of your files to avoid this conflict and you can now see all assets again.

Thanks for reporting!

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Thanks for the quick reply and problem solving Florian!

A new release has been rolled out that detects and offers to fix conflicts like this:

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Florian, I have to say, this has been the quickest response AND fix to a bug/error I’ve ever experienced.