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Hi, I am quiete new with info-beamer and I am using only for one single monitor. I have 6 differet setups and one the raspi is up and running it shows a setup. Then during the day I want to change the setup (content to be shown) → I assign it correctly, but the the system does not fetch the new contend I have assigned - does anyone have an idea?

Welcome! This might be a bit complicated at first, but let me explain what you see:

All of your setups use the same “HD Player” package. That’s perfectly fine. Now when you assign such a setup to the Pi, it will download both the code that implements all the logic for that HD Player package as well as the configuration you’ve made together with the assigned assets. It will then start playing that content.

Now when you switch to another setup based on the exact same “HD Player” package, the code doesn’t change as it’s still the same. Only the configuration and assets change according to what’s configured in the new setup. From the point of view of the device what happened is that you basically only changed the configuration and it can keep playing its current content.

There are ways for a package to detect if a completely new setup is assigned, but the HD Player package doesn’t implement that. After you assigned the new setup, it only sees the new configuration. The HD Player package then finishes playing the current content and switches to the new content once the play time of the currently shown content is reached. In your case your setups use quite a long play time of 10000 seconds for an image. If you wait that long, you’ll see the new content.

The reason that the HD Player doesn’t immediately restart playback on every configuration change is that changes to the configuration then don’t immediately interrupt the current content and it instead finishes playing them before switching to new content.

Hope that helps. What you can do in your case: If you only have a single asset per setup, change its play time to, for example, 10 seconds and you should see changes happen faster.

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Hi, your answer helps me a lot to understand - MANY THANKS. I gonna check it out in the next days.

Hi, I just tried it out and reduced the playtime to 30s - I switched then a setup but unfortunately the changed setup was not displayed, it remained as it was before :thinking:

Any other advice would be highty appreciated

Update: Now it works as described (was probably my fault)

I didn’t verify this, but I assume you changed the 10000 seconds to 30 seconds and clicked on save? In that case, the description from my initial response still applies: The 10000s image is shown for its remaining configured time, then your 30s image plays :}