Changing WiFi resets back to old

This is not really a bug, but just something I noticed when testing something else:

I have a device with a working Wifi setup.
Now I enter the setting page on the I-b device configuration page, changing the wifi setting to someting I KNOW is not working and rebooting the device.
After the reboot I can now access the device using the AP config (using my mobile phone).
Not changing anything (because I want to take time on how long it takes for the AP to come up again) - I click “Cancel”, pulls the power and waits for the device to reboot.

Now the device connects using the Wifi setting that was working before I changed it on the portal.

That’s actually expected. When you change settings using the web UI, the next boot is into a trial version of the OS with that new settings. If that cannot confirm that both internet and info-beamer are working, it will roll back to the previous installation on the other partition after 6 minutes.

Now the WiFi UI is independent from that. It’ll start after ~90s of no WiFi. Regardless of what you do there, unless the currently active configuration is working, the OS will reboot after 6 minutes into the previous config, thus resetting everything you do in the WiFi UI. I guess it would make sense to disable the WiFi UI when trial booting to prevent confusion. The testing version will be updates, so that system state is made obvious.

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