Chrome browser cookies

Hello, I use scheduled player for my pi, and i added a browser element. but cookies keep showing up on the websites. how can i confirm these cookies so they dont take up the whole element?

There is no generic solution for that and randomly embedding HTML content you do not control will always yield unpredictable results. After all, what guarantee do you have that full screen ads are not the next annoyance that end up on your screen?

There is no simple way to reliably remove those cookie “popups”. There are filter lists within ad blockers (like for example fanboy-cookiemonster, 16000 rules!), but at the moment the browser doesn’t include an ad blocker extension. And all that is bound to break and unreliable.

You might be able to work around that using the scripting ability, but it’s not going to be fun.

How do i use scripting in the scheduled player? It is my own website made whit google sites, so that will not make any difference. is there any way to include an rss feed into the scheduled player?

This is unfortunately not possible.

I’m surprised you don’t have control over cookie banners on your own website. Maybe there’s an option somewhere?

Not at the moment.

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