Clock within Schedule Player - AM and PM instead of Military

Since Twitter is gone, I’m trying to put up a clock with the Schedule Player and we’ve noticed that there is no option for AM/PM… It appears it only displays 24 hour time?

How can we get an option to display 24 hour OR AM/PM time?

Literally Nothing?? Come on Info-Beamer group… This seems like such an easy thing to implement and it was asked about 6 months ago with 0 replies.

I’m sure this is something that can be added but I imagine that info-beamer/Florian are busy working on some important updates and features.
Maybe there isn’t enough demand for this to be added, or its just not high priority on the planned features roadmap?

Speaking from my own experience, Florian is always very helpful and has added several features at short notice.

My bad. Somehow I completely missed this request. Sorry about that. This feature is now implemented. If you update your scheduled player package there’s a new dropdown option in the time tile’s configuration: