Common playlist for multiple devices

Use case: 50 shops where every one has it’s list of videos BUT they all belong to the same brand and so some videos are common for everyone.
If I create 50 playlist, when I need to change the corporate video I need to edit 50 playtlist.
Is there a way to have something like “nested playlist” so that every shop have it’s own playlist within which there is the corporate playlist?


A playlist created using can do that. There’s a "Add child playlist“ button for that. It embeds another playlist. Changing that will update all playlists where it is embedded. Optionally you can then also add a result filter to, for example, randomize the result, so the embedded playlist’s items get spread out.

I’ve never noticed that because I use only the package scheduled player.
I’ve seen that the playlist package has changed and it seems that it will support scheduling (i see this message now: Currently most info-beamer packages do not yet support playlist scheduling! When adding this playlist to such a package, your scheduling decisions will be ignored.).
Is there a prevision on when the schedule will be supported?

The HD Image/Video Player V2 package supports both playlists and their included scheduling feature. Might be worth trying out as the goal is to have that as the default package at some point.

Most other packages (with the exception of the scheduled player, at least at the moment) should support playlists, but won’t use any scheduling information (they will also warn in their configuration page if that’s the case).

Thanks, I’ve been playing around and it’s pretty nice.
I’m missing the option to start and end the schedule at a specific time.
Do you know when it will be suitable for production?

Righty. At the moment it’s not easily possible to easily have a non-repeating schedule with just a single exact start/stop time. I’ll see what I can do to add this. What’s your use case? I’m thinking about having additional metadata added to individual assets as well. That way each asset could have an explicit start and end date/time. I guess that often what’s needed: Ads or information images/videos with a clear date range of when they are relevant/should be shown. It might even be possible to auto-delete assets after they expired. Feedback welcome!

The playlist and scheduling dashboard features are stable. The V2 player package should be, but it obviously didn’t have to massive advantage of being the main package for almost 10 years compared to the “v1” version. But if there is any issue you notice it will of course be fixed immediately.

Well. It is now. See my post here: Feature in schedule editor - #4 by infobeamer-fw