Confusion about the scheduler

Hello @infobeamer-fw and community.
I wanted to avoid this topic, but I need to solve an issue I have with the scheduler.

First, I will try to lay out all the details, then all the things I’ve done to try to solve the problem.

The schedule

The main schedule is set up lile that
From Monday to Friday, from 10:AM to 16 PM a different setup is asigned for each day
Setup Monday for day Monday and so on until Friday, and Saturday&Sunday have the same setup.

In detail, each daily setup is set up like that, foR each day of the week , and it is ticked repeat every week forever.

I can see the planning for an entire month like that.

As it is layed out, it should display en each day, the daily setup (Monday=Mondey Setup and so on) until the end of time.

But it won’t. Some days it works, some days it doesn’t. And mostly is shows the default setup, in the case any setup is not active.

But all slots are indddeds scheduled, as it is shown

What I tried:
Looked to each and every setup to have the clock/UTC corectly selected as here shown:

To those devices who should have this setup assigned, I chcked that they have the NTP corrctly set up

And it is set on the recommended setting.

And nothing enabled on those networking related settings.

What do I miss?
Why the setup does not work reliable 100%?
What setting shouls enable to make it work?
Is my setup wrongly layed out?

I am at my wits end with this, I enabled , like something set &forget, but I was called several weekends from work because of this issue and caused a inconfortable situation at workplace.
So, please let mw know what to do, it is of urgency.
Thank you in adance,
Best regards

First off all: Thanks for the detailed description.

From what I understand, Europe/Madrid is also currently UTC+1, same as my Europe/Berlin timezone. At the moment once you assign this setup schedule to any of your devices, the UTC timezone is used (more on that in a moment!). The result is, that all the setups would be assigned one hour too late from our timezone’s point of view: 10:00 UTC is 11:00 in Europe/Madrid. So this understandably looks like the setup scheduling doesn’t work.

A small intermission about the setup scheduling feature

Before setup scheduling was available, some packages already implemented logic to conditionally show content within their own code. This results in a lot of setups having an option somewhere to configure the timezone used to make that decision.

The setup scheduling feature is more general as it switches between different setups. As such, per setup timezones cannot really be used as the info-beamer system, responsible for making the decision when to switch between setups, cannot look into the potentially vastly different configuration methods used by various setups.

Instead the scheduling feature added a new per-device timezone configuration (as it probably should have had from the beginning!). Once you assign a schedule to a device, this timezone is visible in the device list:

Once you select a device, the Modify selected devices button allows you to assign a timezone to a device:

The idea is that to have a more central point to configure the device timezone (right at the device itself, not in each individual setup) and also allow the result of a single schedule on multiple devices in potentially different timezones.

Legacy configuration options

Unfortunately all of that is understandably quite confusing and eventually all options to configure a timezone will be removed from the individual setups and only the central per-device configuration will remain. It’s unfortunately not simple to do this automatically. So a transition period and more documentation is required. Some packages already have a “Use device timezone” as default value in their timezone option to use the per-device configured timezone.

As a result of your feedback, the device timezone should me made more obvious and will now also be shown always, not only once you apply a schedule and will additionally be shown on the device’s details page somewhere.

What to do now

I would guess one of the reason this isn’t working for you is that the devices still use the default UTC timezone. Once you assign the schedule to a device, go to the device list page, select the device, then click on Modify selected devices and select Europe/Madrid. This will instruct the scheduler to use that timezone for all setup scheduling decisions.

Inspecting the logs, it seems that this setup schedule hasn’t always been active. From what I can tell, it seems like it was assigned on Feb 1 at 10:13 UTC and scheduled the setup Miercoles as configured. Later on the same day at 16:00 UTC it switched back to setup Fiestas (the default setup). Due to the UTC vs Europe/Madrid timezone issue, this happened one hour too early.

On Feb 2 at 8:45 UTC it seems that that the setup schedule was removed from the device and setup Jueves was explicitly assigned. 8:45 UTC is 9:45 Europe/Madrid, so even ignoring the timezone issue, this change was made before the expected automated switch at 10:00. Once you manually assign a setup to a device, the setup scheduler is removed and the setup runs on the device until you either manually assign a different setup or assign a setup scheduler again.

My suggestion would be to first set all devices to Europe/Madrid, then assign the setup scheduler to the device you intend it to control and then seem what happens.

Thank you for the detailed answer.
What I did was select the device and set it up to the time needed

Assigned the setup to the device and looks like it started to play the Daily setup for the current day.
Will provide a feedback, so to know what works and what needs to be polished, so we all could benefit from this.

Looks like I celebrated too soon
Again, it plays different setup

Oh shoot, it is on me.The schedule starts at 10:00 and it is 9:42. so obviosly it plays what is set up to play. Lets see if at 10: AM switches to the designated setup.

Looks like it behaves correctly, by having the device time zone governing the setups.