Countdown display

Good eveneing
I have added a countdown in layout, M:S
My shedule layout display an image during 10minutes with counter, but it is always 0m:0s
I nhave forgoten something?

Hello, no solutions ?
I don’t know why, but don’t work ;-(
thank you

What value did you enter at the “Countdown Target” field?

I’ve tested just now with “2020-05-01 00:00:00” and the display correctly shows “677h 16m”

I have tested with 5 seconds . I have selected 5 seconds on timer only, what else ? I see you have entered a date ? I looking for…
Thank you

I’m not entirely sure I understand what you did so far and what exactly you’re trying to achieve. I feel like you want to display a page for 10 minutes and create a countdown based on the remaining time for those 10 minutes? If so, that’s not possible. If I misunderstood that, can you mail the url of your setup to support?

exactly, I would like display a page during 10 minutes, whith a countdown based on the remaining time.
Ok thank I see is not possible, so , I has not realy understand countdown function.