Create dashboard for remote triggers

Hi all, I’m a complete newbie when it comes to API calls but I’d like to create a web based dashboard for a customer to be able to trigger playback of a scheduled player playlist using the remote trigger function.

I have been playing around with, they have a limited free plan and looks like I could create a ‘dashboard’ web page and add buttons to be used to send remote triggers to my info-beamer device.

Has anyone used this or a similar service to achieve what I need? here’s the page where I can add a ‘resource’ in, I’m guessing I need to input the info-beamer api address and the actual device ID?

Not familiar with Retool, so I’m not sure how this “Configure REST API” page affects any real API call later, but Authentication is “Basic” with empty username and an API key as password.

With regards to required parameters for API calls: the info-beamer dashboard uses the same API, so it might be helpful to use your browser’s developer tools to inspect requests made by the dashboard, for example when you click one of those remote trigger buttons. The challenge then of course is how to make this into what other tools expect.