Damaged the ethernet port/controller on my Pi by using this cable? Edit: No, possible faulty ethernet cable

I was in the process of tidying up cables for a Pi install and found what I thought would be a great little ethernet cable, it was only around 6 inches long and meant I wouldn’t have excess cable to tidy up.

I don’t know what this cable is or where I got it from, but after connecting my Pi to my router with it my ethernet has completely stopped working!

If anyone recognises this cable and know’s what it is then please let me know, it must have been included with some piece of kit I purchased but it’s obviously wired differently to a normal ethernet cable and must have ‘blown’ something inside the Pi :frowning:

Ok, after much messing around, it seems it was actually the ethernet cable that was causing the issues.

So the good news is that my Pi is ok :slight_smile:

What is strange, is that the ethernet cable works fine on my laptop?

Looks like a 100BASE-TX cable: See https://networkengineering.stackexchange.com/questions/20683/ethernet-cable-used-two-ways

Not sure why that wouldn’t work. I haven’t seen this before.