Debugging the viewer


Any information on how we can debug whats going on in the viewer Raspberry Pi side ?
Typically I am seeing an all white screen and have no idea why ?


Sure. You are able to get full insight on what’s going on. The easiest way is probably to just enable SSH and log in to the Pi. Here’s the documentation on how debugging on the Pi works.

logread -f |grep info-beamer:

shows you all info-beamer output. If you had an error and it rotated out of the log, just restart info-beamer with

sv i /service/info-beamer

Let me know if that helps. If you get a white screen as a result of running on of the packages, let me know which one and how it’s configured and I can probably point you to the problem.

Thanks… white screen sometimes on the Full Screen Browser.


Hm. That’s probably the hardest package to debug as it technically doesn’t run the info-beamer program at all. Instead if just runs chromium fullscreen. It switches between two active browser tabs: One if being preloaded with the next page and then switch to after the configured interval. If the page is white, it’s still showing the blank about:blank page for some reason. Unfortunately it’s difficult to say why that’s the case. If this happens very often, could you mail to Might be worth taking a closer look then to see how to fix this.

Getting back to this: The most likely reason for a white page is that the switch-to browser tab isn’t fully loaded yet. The Pi is always a bit sluggish when running a browser showing a JavaScript heavy page.

The next release of the info-beamer hosted OS will add some performance boosts that make this a bit better though. If you’re interested in testing that for the browser package, let me know by email so you can check out the next version of the browser together with the next OS version.