Default Video Before Add Content

Is there a possible way to add in our image a video that default plays if you haven’t add any content?

you can mark a setup as a default. This will automatically synced and started on devices that are added to your account

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What I mean is that there is a possibility to add in the config folder a mp4 that default plays instead of giving a black screen.

you could use GitHub - info-beamer/package-welcome-screen: The default welcome screen files used in info-beamer hosted OS as a package and adapt it to your needs

Basically what Matthias said. A default setup is probably the most flexible solution as you can easily change it in the future. The device being registered already means that it had internet at some point, so it has the opportunity to download a default setup as well.

If the device is either unregistered completely or doesn’t have an assigned default setup, it will show the welcome screen. You can use a single branding.jpg or branding.mp4 as a background instead

Not sure how that happens. Either the device has a complete setup assigned and downloaded already, in which case it switches to it after starting, or something is incomplete and it will stay in the welcome screen. Do you have a setup assigned?

But by default the package we use is empty. So it is showing a black screen until is has been configured for our client. We just need the possibility to replace the black screen by a default video

What prevents you from installing a setup that isn’t empty and instead shows your default video?

Unless you assign the content manually, something like this is the way to solve this (in pseudo code):

def content_for_device(device_id):
    asset_ids = db.get_assets_for_device(device_id)
    if len(asset_ids) == 0:
        asset_ids = [DEFAULT_ASSET_1, DEFAULT_ASSET_2]
    assign_assets_to_device_setup(device_id, asset_ids)
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