Dev-Mode and Setups

Hi another question … when you work with the development mode “dev-mode”, how do you interact with the Setup screen to vary the settings, parameters, etc?

Eg I download the “package-scheduled-player” and I am trying to create my own plugins …

I load it in “dev-mode”, so far fine … but when I want to play with the interface screens from the Setup I can’t …

What would be the correct way?

You don’t. When the dev-mode is active, what you do in the info-beamer UI can not be used. Instead you should provide the config.json manually within your package’s files that you push to the device directly. Unfortunately it’s not possible to mix using custom files combined with the UI.

For simple configurations, you can grab the generated config.json from the device and copy that into your package files.

Hello ok thanks … I will try this way … although if I wanted to work on the development of the interaction interface this option would not be valid, would it?

Thank you so much !

For working on the configuration HTML interface specifically, you shouldn’t need the info-beamer website at all. You should be able to “run” the config.html locally from a local webserver (something like python3 -mhttp.server). The mockup hosted.js can help with emulating the environment normally provided by the info-beamer dashboard.

I tried that way yesterday and it partially worked for me.

I am trying to program some plugins for the “package-scheduled-player” and that is where I have not been able to load all this interface from a parallel http server …

I think it’s a lack of knowledge on my part, I’ll keep trying to work on it.

Thank you