Dev-mode python error

I’m trying to use the watchdog with dev-mode python:

but I get an error:

  File "", line 42, in <module>
    import requests
  ImportError: No module named requests

What OS are you using? That tool requires the requests library installed.

On an Ubuntu Linux, it can be installed using apt install python3-requests.

I’m using Windows 10

Not sure how that works there. You might try:

python3 -m pip install requests
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Finally got it working (using wsl on Windows 10), but apparently a lot of features are not support :upside_down_face:


Ok - back to the “old” way :slight_smile:

I guess that doesn’t refer to the dev-mode tool but to the outdated opensource info-beamer version? If so, that’s no longer maintained and feature-wise totally out of date.

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