Device maintenance windows - local time

Would it be possible to set the maintenance time using the local time of the geographical location of the device?
Also to add the maintenance window to a file under /config

Geographical location is tricky as that might be dynamic and would require a new API that the device can use to self-detect its location and timezone. Not sure yet how that might work.

The config file for the maintenance windows make a lot of sense. The current method is more or less a relic from a time when it wasn’t possible to change the device configuration remotely. Making this setting part of the configuration seems logical.

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Maybe an option to set the timezone per device then.
And then maybe in the future this will automatically be filled somehow.

Maybe the device is already using local time?
(See clock demo)

Nope. The device and the OS has no concept of timezone at the moment, so it’s using UTC. Any timezone support is up to the packages.

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