Disable internal WiFi on Pi3b+


I am trying to use an external RTL8188 based USB dongle as I need an external antenna but I can’t find any way to disable the on-board WiFi?

Is it possible to do this?



As a follow-up to this, I have managed to disable the Internal wifi by adding pi3-disable-wifi to config.txt but the external USB I am using (Edimax EW-7811Un V2) doesn’t seem to work. I assume it needs the V1 model?

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[…] pi3-disable-wifi to config.txt

Correct. That will disable the internal WiFi. But you should add the line to /config/userconfig.txt as /config.txt is managed by info-beamer OS and will be reverted if changed.

Unfortunately this is correct. The V2 uses a different chipset that isn’t supported at the moment.

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