Display live clock

Is there any possibility to show a live clock on my screen or do I have to make a custom package for that ?

Yes. The scheduled player package can do that: Time Date boxes

Cant see it

Then you’re using an outdated version. See my comment on the linked topic.

I updated the package to beta 17 but still nothing, and the modified package we’re normally using is also updated to the latest version. Still can’t see any change

Please provide a setup id, so I can take a look.

I fixed it but if I add a digital and analog clock they will not become visibble

Here is the setup id

The analog clock did show up, but you have to wait until the schedule player actually plays your new configuration after you make changes. As you had a page with a duration set to two minutes, you’d have to wait that long after a change. I’ve changed the duration to 10 seconds.

In addition the digital clock was a tile with height > 400. I though the current stable release supported this, but I just realized that at the moment, stable is limited to a maximum font size of 400. So the text couldn’t be rendered as the height of the file sets its font size. So I modified the digital clock tile to a smaller height.

Both clocks are now visible.

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its working! Thank you very much!