Display PRTG Map -- Internal Network?

Hello there! :slight_smile: :wave:

LOVE this platform and was curious if there was a way to show internal network data such as PRTG maps. I see the note about the browser plugin only showing public URLs but this seems strange considering the RPi device is in our internal network.

Thank you!! :smiley:

You can use the fullscreen browser package to show information that’s only internally available. It runs a full browser on your Pi.

The scheduled player’s browser plugin on the other hand doesn’t do that and instead externally renders HTML content. The main reason for that are older Pis or the Pi Zero that don’t have enough memory to run a fully bloated browser locally.

Thank you Florian! That package worked perfectly! :smiley:

Is it possible to integrate that package into an existing setup (227752) with other packages? I’m attempting to create an adjustable grid layout showing:

  • RTSP security camera streams
  • Internal network content (i.e. PRTG, using the fullscreen browser package)
  • External network content (i.e. animated weather radar)

This is running on a RPi 3b but I do have a RPi 4b if CPU/RAM might be a limit. Is this possibly outside the scope of hosted info-beamer and/or better suited for self-hosted?

Thank you again for your help trying to figure this out. :smiley:

Not really unfortunately. The browser package as it’s right now cannot be combined with anything else easily. I guess you might create something like that using a website that embeds (via iframes?) such content and is then reachable on a single url by the fullscreen browser. But there’s no tools for that provided by info-beamer to build something like that.

Understood, thank you for your guidance and for an amazing product. I’ll need to sharpen my dev skills and hopefully work something out. :wink: