Display stuck with "Loading..."

It seems that I have two displays, that after a couple of hours offline shows the following:

When they get them online, they syncs and works - but I don’t know for how long.

This looks like the HD player package, probably having [x] synced playback active. Two possible reasons for that I see immediately:

  1. There is no correct time on the device ➜ the package waits until it gets a correct time as it can’t sync without one.
  2. The duration of the configured assets are set to a values ranging in hours or more ➜ synced playback works by waiting for the next sync start time. As a simple example: If you have a playlist with one item and that item’s duration is set to 24 hours, the device will wait until 00:00 before starting playback.


  1. Ensure the devices can reach their NTP servers or at least have a network connection for fetching a fallback time using HTTP.
  2. Set the duration of assets to a shorter value or disable [x] synced playback if it’s not needed (which I suspect it’s not if an assets duration is very long).

Aha - yes. It looks like their clocks are drifting thus making this a problem when they are offline.
It’s totally fine. I’ll let people know that syncronized content requires a network connection.

Would it be possible for future versions to add “Waiting for syncronization” or something like this, just the give an indication that the device is not actually loading anything :wink: