Does devices download the whole schedule

Hi, I need to place some players in a zone where there is no Internet connection.
If I creade a schedule with playlists for about 6 months, will the players download all the contents as soon as they receive the schedule?

The answer to your immediate question is yes: If you assign a setup to a device, all the content required to play that setup is transferred to your device. This includes both the setup’s configuration as well as all assigned images or videos.

But: By default a device can only be offline for so long before it shows a blank screen. If you go to the " Offline support status" section on a device’s detail page, you can see how a device will behave when offline:

By default they start rebooting every 6 hours after 1 day offline time. And they show a blank screen after 7 days. If you need prolonged offline support, you an need to apply an offline plan to the device that covers the expected offline time. One option would be an offline license (120€) for each device: You can then run a device offline forever. There might be other options for your case. Please write me an email and I’ll see what I can do in your case.

Additionally the Pi does not have a built-in real-time clock. This means it must be online to retrieve a correct time. Unless it has a correct time, no scheduling will work. Most packages specify whether or not they will work offline: See the bottom section within the above screenshot: The Scheduled Player for example requires a correct system time to work. You can work around this by adding an RTC to your Pi. An RTC (real-time clock) will allow the Pi to keep a mostly correct time across system reboots, even if no internet connection is available.

Perfetc, for now that’s enough and I can quote the job to my client.
Once it will be confirmed I’ll contact you for more info.

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