Dual Display - different content on each screen

Hi, hoping for some pointers to help me with a solution for local penguin Centre.
I have a rPi4 with 2 portrait screens attached DELL_P2722H 1920x1080 60.00Hz. The goal is to display a web page on one screen and 4 rtsp streams on the other screen.
I have been trying to do this using Scheduled Playlist package but can only seem to get it rotating between 2 setups is duplicated on screen. I think I am missing a simple setup but can’t figure it out.
Device is configured as follows (dual screen 1 and 2)
device config

Package setups:

Package has Rotation turned on any pointers appreciated.

Ok, think I have solved it but not sure if most elegant solution, realised that it treats the 2 screens as one long screen so had to tweak math’s to make it draw it correctly. Is this the way to solve this or a better solution ?
One last question is there a way to make the screen switch image? eg between screen 1 and 2 ?
Package setup and device view below.

device fix

##update installed and working see below ##

Correct. When setting up both displays on the Pi4 (and in the future Pi5), it’s basically one larger canvas spanning both displays.

Right now you have a virtual FullHD resolution configured: The “Target resolution” on the “Screen settings” tab. There is also a Dual FullHD setting there that might make more sense as you then have the correct aspect ration when setting up your content. But you’ll still have to manually place it there: So 0,0 to 1080,1920 for the primary display and 0,1920 to 1080,3840 for the second display.

Hope that makes sense?

Not sure I understand what you’re asking, so please let me know if I get it wrong :slight_smile: : You can have a second page in your playlist with another layout? Would that help?

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