Dual IP cameras to dual HD displays

So far I’ve only seen RPi camera modules discussed when it comes to displaying live video. Does Info-beamer support IP cameras plugged into USB ports? I’m working on a stereo video projection project and would like to use 2 IP cameras in two USB ports displaying 1920x1080 to each HDMI port.
Is this at all possible?


Chris in Montreal

Most likely not. IP camera and USB are a bit of an oxymoron: USB suggest that the video data is received using USB, while IP camera usually means “somehow reachable over a network”. The latter would probably work with info-beamer, as streaming from an HLS or RTSP source from a networked camera works. But there is absolutely no support for receiving video data over USB. I’m not even sure the Pi is fast enough for that if you need FullHD resolution.

Even them, the use case seems challenging: I guess stereo projection is highly dependent on a perfectly synced output? While this works quite well for non-streamed videos, there is no support for syncing anything received from a stream at the moment. I short: I don’t think this is going to work.

Thanks again for your well-considered reply. You are indeed right that my application requires left and right channel video synchronization but you solved that problem a few weeks ago in another answer. You suggested that the video format be doubled in width and that I use a 2 by 1 video wall format as output - Which was brilliant, by the way. I recently picked up these IP cameras and had this dream that the pi could have two cameras and two outputs but this dream seems to be a little" pi in the sky." :crazy_face:

It would be great if you share a picture of the result. Those are always interesting to see!

Streaming and synchronization doesn’t mix at the moment. With locally played videos, the timestamps of when each frame is presented on the screen are controllable somewhat.

With streams, especially from two different devices which probably don’t provide any usable timestamps at all, this becomes pretty much impossible if you need good synchronization.