Facebook livestream

Hello all,

Our client want to stream from time to time his FaceBook livestream onto his screens.
I had a quick look at the live streaming package.
Yes, I know it is still in Beta but it should support FaceBook
But just going live with your mobile isnt working for some reason while it is shown in FaceBook.
Anyone got experience or a workaround for this ??

I just did notice that the related/used module StreamLink has been updated yesterday from 1.0 to 1.1

@Florian Is the module automatically updated ??

If you can play the livestream on a computer then it’s possible to encode that as an RTP stream using OBS studio, which you can then enter as the stream url into the stream settings box.

This would of course require the Pi device to be on the same network as the computer that was outputting the RTP stream.

Nope. Manual update required. I can see if I can update that tomorrow.

If anyone want to volunteer, here’s the package source repository: https://github.com/info-beamer/package-livestream

Package is updated to streamlink 1.1.0. Can you give that a try?

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I will try it probably tomorrow

Thank you for the update …

1.0.0 - facebook facebook.com Yes No Only 360p HLS streams
1.1.0 - facebook facebook.com Yes Yes

to my surprise StreamLink has gotten yet an other update to 1.1.1 :wink:

And I did see I had forgotten to switch from the stable to the testing channel …

non the less I was not able to get FaceBook live to be displayed.

Checking if the stream was active (right click from a 2nd FB screen on the video asking for the video link) by pasting the url to streamlink

This made me think … could a resolution selector be added to each stream ?

Will be testing some more…

At least 1.1.1 won’t make a difference for this issue. The changes are minimal. You also don’t need testing. This might been required before the 10 release, but currently testing and stable are mostly identical.

In your screenshot, the reason it doesn’t work is only because streamlink can’t find VLC. Streamlink itself does not have a video playback part. It only takes a stream source, tries to get the raw stream data and then makes that available to a local player. So in your case that would be.

Facebook Stream --> streamlink.exe(?) --> VLC

for the live stream package it’s

Facebook Stream --> streamlink --> info-beamer

where streamlink is started as a package service. I guess we should take a look at the logs to see why that doesn’t work.