Live Streaming Problem

Hi everybody i try to use the Live Stream Plug In as a page in the sheduled player.
I only see a black screen.

I want to show this page for a couple of minutes


You can’t combined the live streaming package with the scheduled player unfortunately. Right now the scheduled player can only stream from source if you’re able to specify a stream url. So an rtsp, hls or maybe rtp/udp for uni-/multicast.

Streams from websites with changing stream sources won’t work in the scheduled player right now as none of the logic from the live streaming package exists there. So the package has no idea how to get a stream from the url. Right now that url is

This url works in the scheduled player right now but that’ll probably change randomly in the future.

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Hi dennis, as I said in this post, the only ‘workaround’ that I can think of would be to play the livestream on another device, and then output it as an RTP stream so that you can then use the stream URL in the live stream plug in for the scheduled player.

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