Fallback Video option

Hi, could an option to select a video file, as well as an image, be added to the Fallback content in the settings menu of the scheduled player.

This would make scheduling much easier, as we would like to have a video looping constantly whenever there is no content scheduled, and at the moment we have to create this ‘Fallback’ video as a playlist page, and then remember to schedule it to not display whenever any other content is set to play.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Added: https://github.com/info-beamer/package-scheduled-player/commit/6993e387d32581b2d3d50be3166217219dba31ba

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That’s awesome news, thanks Florian :+1:

The package just got updated and there is no an additional fallback option for scheduling playlists. Setting a playlist’s schedule to fallback will result in that (and any other playlist set as fallback) to only be scheduled if the other playlists result in nothing displayed. So it basically works like the fallback options on the settings page, except you can create one or multiple playlists instead of just setting a single item.

This allows greater control over how the fallback looks like and makes it simpler to create a setup where you want to show some content at a certain time and some other content that’s scheduled otherwise.

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awesome, that’s even better than the ability to just select a fallback video file :slight_smile: