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There is a use case for the schedule editor that I need for a client whose most activity occurs at night.

The following example is in a native playlist, but may be valid for the “setup scheduling” or the “HD Image/Video Player V2” package since they also use the schedule editor.

An asset is scheduled from June 1 to August 10 (see image). Currently this will work from 00:00 June 1st until August 10th at 23:59:59. But in practice we need the asset to be only until 02:00 on August 10.

If this were within a week or within a month there are no problems in defining the end time, but when an asset is scheduled for more than 1 month there is no option to program the end time.

I think it would be ideal to have the “update selected span” feature next to the selected end date (in the example August 10) for asset scheduling cases of more than one month.

Update selected span

Is it possible to add this feature, or something similar that allows us to do what is described?


I think that’s the same suggestion as in Common playlist for multiple devices - #5 by andrea, right? I’m currently looking into making that possible: Instead of just specifying (for example) a start/end week and the repeating scheduling within those weeks, the change would also allow specifying an exact start/end date&time in addition to the repeating schedule. I need more test cases to ensure that is all backwards compatible and some modification to the UI but that should not take too long.

Seeing the response to that suggestion, yes, it is the same thing I am looking to do with the schedule editor.

Just as you describe is what I’m looking to achieve :slight_smile:

This feature is now available (but requires a package update for work, see below):

When setting up a repeated schedule the start time gets an hour and minute field as well. There are now two methods of specifying an end for a schedule:

  • Either using the existing date based method: One can set an end day as in the following screenshot. The schedule will then end at the end of the specified day:


  • Or by setting and exact time and date:


When using this feature to set a schedule for individual assets or with playlists, it’s important to update the package running on the Pi. Both the NG player (now considered obsolete) as well as the HD V2 player have been updated. Apply these updates by clicking on the Check and update to latest release button on the package page.

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Thank you very much Florian for this.